Finding Audrey – By Sophie Kinsella

This is a very nice, quite hilarious and easy to read book.

It’s a story of a girl named Audrey, who is suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. Due to which, she was unable to face, talk or even make an eye contact with people who are out of her comfort zone….

Suddenly she met with a guy called Linus who is her brother’s video game partner and her school mate too. Whom she used to like once upon a time because of his Orange Sliced Smile.

And now this guy with his Orange Sliced Smile started talking to her through his funny notes. Which made Audrey feel like she can do things beyond her comfort zone.

It’s a story about a family, lovers and how affectionately with lots of love and care they cured, helped and found back the lost Audrey who has incarcerated herself in a Dark Room with her dark glasses to the normal world once again.

Again a good read for beginners.

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